Campus MovieFest is the world's largest student film festival. We visit colleges across the country, giving the next generation of filmmakers the chance to tell their stories through film. We provide students all the gear they need—including Adobe Creative Cloud, Panasonic cameras, and Sennheiser audio—to create their own five-minute masterpiece in just one week. We'll be screening over 200 top CMF short films, and announce the winners of this year’s Golden Tripod Awards! TERMINUS is the new and improved CMF Hollywood, celebrating the best and brightest from CMF, only this year we’re opening our doors to filmmakers, gamers, and creators of all stripes.

Thursday June 16 - The Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema

Our nominees for the Golden Tripod Award (GTA) are the cream of the crop in each category. This year's talented winners will be announced at the GTA Ceremony on Saturday, June 18th.

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Best Directing:

Best Cinematography:

Best Editing:

Best Sound:

Best Story:

Best Special Effects:

Best Production Design:

Best Documentary:

Join us at our special red carpet TERMINUS Awards Ceremony on Sunday, June 19th as we recognize the best films made during Campus MovieFest.

Check out the Awards page for more information about the TERMINUS Awards Ceremony!